Track a list of distinct URLs "under" a main URL

(Ken Langdon) #1

Hi there,

I have an interesting problem to solve, and would love some input from the community.

We are using Matomo to track traffic to our Jive instance. Jive uses containers (in the form of groups or spaces) as a way to store content. An example of a URL for a container would be:

The problem I’m trying to solve is tracking content within these spaces or subspaces. The URLs for each piece of content do not reflect the parent space, for example:

These URLs never change, no matter where the content is moved within the site. There is a large set of this content stored in for this example’s purposes.

I can’t think of a way to track the large list of this content (300+ distinct URLs) that lives within one of these containers without creating a massive segment that tracks each page individually. I have thought of using a segment with Referral URL matching the container URL, but this will not capture users who have a direct link to the content itself. Any thoughts?