Traching the simplest event with Piwik Android SDK

Hi all,

I know this question might be idiotic, but I am trying to build the simplest Android mobile application and track with Piwik SDK.

All the guide on implementing the SDF is somehow general, so my question is whether there is a full detailed tutorial on implementing the Piwik SDK on Android mobile application that I can follow? Thanks


Have you checked the example app?

The readme is out of date, but the example app itself is not.

Hi @darken, I’ve already tried with the example app, but I couldn’t see the statistic of this demo application.

Actually I am having the problem with the integration for mobile application. I’ve built a really simple application by myself, and add all the necessary things but I still couldn’t see the statstic information on the website (localhost). I followed this tutorial Getting started · matomo-org/piwik-sdk-android Wiki · GitHub

Am I missing something here?