Total number of pageviews issue (wrong sum of multiple days)


There seems to be an issue with the sum of the pageviews (not unique) for periods spanning multiple days.
We have a new (blog post) pages which was published on 2021/12/10 and started receiving hits on that day. Until the end of the year (2021/12/31) it collected 141 pageviews, which is the correct number if we sum up the pageviews for each day individually and it is also reported correctly if we select the custom range 2021/12/10 - 2021/12/31. BUT, when we set the start date to 2021/12/01 (with the end date left at 2021/12/31), the sum of pageviews is incorrectly reported (it says 77 pageviews). Interestingly, it reports the wrong total for start dates 2021/12/01, 2021/12/02 … 2021/12/05 and it starts reporting the correct sum starting with the start date 2021/12/06.

I searched for similar known bugs, but couldn’t find anything.

It was the same with the old Matomo v4.4.1 and the latest v4.6.2.

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I ran into a similar issue, I suppose. Due to lack of responsiveness of the Matomo-Team we have been starting to divert away from using any Matomo-Dashboard or Reporting API functions excluding Live.getVisitorProfile what I use to get the whole raw data.