top5-graphs in mail-reports

i’m quite unsure wether it’s a bug or a feature (or if i could personalize this), as i found no one complaining about this:

my email-reports have the top5-graphs activated, BUT it’s always the top5 from the beginning of a period. my expected behaviour would be to have the top5 from the end of the period.


daily reports: i get my report with actual values from yesterday, the graphs show the development of the last 4 weeks until yesterday, BUT as top5 the top5 from four weeks ago are chosen.

so the graphs show the decline or increase from the top5 four weeks ago. but to me it’s more interesting to see the decline or increase of the ACTUAL values.

No one else having these issues? Then tell me please how to change this behaviour.


Thanks for the suggestion. You’re right that picking top 5 from the last period may be a better option! can you please create an issue on our tracker at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub ?