Today paramater for date range

I like to track traffic in real-time for the current day. Previously, when I would set the report date range to today’s date, I would see traffic for the month including today and the URL would have the following paramater:


I use Firefox with the Session Manager addon. Lately, when I open my usual session, I get a 500 error on the page where I have my piwik “today” page. If I reopen the dashboard and set the date to today’s date again, the URL now looks like this:


Perhaps this change was made with version 1.8.2. Is it possible to go back to using “today” as a paramater? It is much more convenient to always have the same URL for viewing todays report, instead of having to set the date range again every day.

If you get error 500, can you look in your webserver error logs for the exact error happening? Maybe it needs higher php memory limit?

Lo and behold! I rebooted the server and the URL with today parameter is working again. Turns out the memory was maxed and it was causing issues. Thanks Matt, nice trouble-shooting :slight_smile: