Today paramater for date range


I like to track traffic in real-time for the current day. Previously, when I would set the report date range to today’s date, I would see traffic for the month including today and the URL would have the following paramater:


I use Firefox with the Session Manager addon. Lately, when I open my usual session, I get a 500 error on the page where I have my piwik “today” page. If I reopen the dashboard and set the date to today’s date again, the URL now looks like this:


Perhaps this change was made with version 1.8.2. Is it possible to go back to using “today” as a paramater? It is much more convenient to always have the same URL for viewing todays report, instead of having to set the date range again every day.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

If you get error 500, can you look in your webserver error logs for the exact error happening? Maybe it needs higher php memory limit?


Lo and behold! I rebooted the server and the URL with today parameter is working again. Turns out the memory was maxed and it was causing issues. Thanks Matt, nice trouble-shooting :slight_smile: