to send Apache logs to Matomo?

(vudiemphuongchi) #1

What I need to do is send some apache logs to my Matomo page. However, I do not have Matomo installed in that particular container, I just have the logs (using sidecar container for the logging system).

The way I try to achieve this is by installing matomo analytics tool and then running the script, however I get several errors. The first one is that it can not find the config.ini.php file. Why would I need the matomo configuration file since I do not even have matomo installed there?

(Lukas Winkler) #2


The log-import script needs an admin auth_token for sending the data (as otherwise everyone could send logs to Matomo). If you use it in your Matomo directory it automatically fetches it, but in your case you need to manually specify it with --token-auth

You can find a bit more info here: