To monitor a same URL with a different localstorage variable


Is possible to monitore a URL associated with a localstorage variable?

I installed a webrtc system, for video conference purpose, called Jist-meet, and each meeting can be created dynamically, entering in a subfolder. A example: if my server is, I point to myvideoconferenceserver/meet01 and I share this link with who i wish to talk, directly in the browser, but when all people leave from this room, the system kill this room. If someone enter again in this URL, the system will create the room again with other localstorage variable. In piwik, i see how many people entered in this room along the day, but I haven’t idea about each session.

So, can I define to track a URL + a localstorage variable?

Thanks in advance,
Claudio Ferreira