Time spent for a single visit


When a visitor perform one single visit there is no information on time spent on webpage.
Anyone know how to fix the problem?

I tried this tip with no result:

//Hans Rencke

Are you sure you did:

When testing the heart beat timer, remember to make sure the browser tab has focus and not eg. the developer tools or another panel.

Also, have a look at:

Please note that this feature is not supported by all (old) browsers:

Thanks for your reply

I’ll be happy to try this. But one problem is that I can no longer find the tracking code. It’s somewhere as it works well.
Do you have any clue where this may be? I am using Joomla 3.10.3.
I have searched the current template and all other files without finding anything

Sorry I am not a Joombla user…
Maybe is it included directly in Joombla, like an option to activate in the administrative tools?

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