Thumbnails don't appear, etc:S

Dear all…
The thumbnails at the base of all my widgets on my dashboard don’t appear. Some of the graphs don’t either. And the delete widget cross in the corner doesn’t appear when you select a widget. Bugs? Anything I can do?


Make sure all files are uploaded correctly?

Graphs don’t appear too and I have checked all files, they were uploaded correctly.

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Still happening. Files seem to be ok. Be great to find a fix!

please send me bug report + piwik url + login + pwd by MP and I will take a look

I’ve tried reloading, etc but I’m still having the same issues,

Daly you seem to have had the same issue.
Did you find a solution?

Where’s the code, or whatever it is, that links the thunbnail images, which are there and seem to be uploaded fine, with the widgets themselves? Or are the widget thumbnails built into/placed in the widget files/folders?
Just trying to source the issue from a very amateur starting point.

Kaspar. I’m getting “500 Internal Server Errors” for links under your /piwik/ folder. You need to fix your Apache config. You appear to be allowing access to /piwik/index.php and /piwik/piwik.php, but blocking everything else.

You have to allow direct access to images, js, and css.

If you want to use the piwik.js and piwik.php proxy, you’ll also have to allow access to /piwik/js/.

thanks for the reply vipsoft,
But how do i change access settings?
strange as js, css, etc work fine on the blog itself.
by the way, not

Obviously I can’t access/evaluate your apache config. Look in your root web folder for .htaccess for starters.

Thanks & hmmm…

No htaccess in the piwik root directory or piwik folder (see screenshots from ftp server). Should i be looking in my ftp or in my db stuff on myphp. My only htaccess is in my wordpress install in /portfolio

And if i find it what am i looking for in this file? or what do I need to add/change?


found another htaccess - in 'root /public_html /lists’
all folders are rwx—r-x

DirectoryIndex index.php
<FilesMatch "\.(php|inc)$">
Order allow,deny
deny from all
<FilesMatch "(index.php|dl.php|ut.php|lt.php|download.php)$">
Order allow,deny
allow from all
php_flag magic_quotes_gpc on

my htaccess in piwik in “root /htdocs /piwik /config” (which i haven’t changed since the install) contains the following:

<Files "*">
Deny from all

does this have anything to do with it?

/root/htdocs/piwik/config/.htaccess blocks access to your config folder

Can you look in /root/htdocs/.htaccess?

Hiya vipsoft

/root/htdocs/piwik/config/.htaccess blocks access to your config folder

Can you look in /root/htdocs/.htaccess?[/quote]

I don’t have a /root/htdocs/.htaccess

shall/can i make one?


[quote=“Kaspar Wimberley”]
I don’t have a /root/htdocs/.htaccess

see screenshot aove for my /root/htdocs/ folder