Third party web host won't track visits

I copy and paste the tracking code to the header on the publishpath host’s page and my site does not track the visits. Analytics will track visits but not Piwik, Both codes are in the same spot, pasted one right after the other.
The page at publishpath is generated so I visited the page myself, viewed the source of the page and the code is present in the page as it’s delivered to my browser.

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I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at… can you explain further please?

I think I got it… you want me to paste the code I’m using.
This is in the tag…

I only edited the google auth code and my domain name. I am hoping there is some syntax error someone can see that I cannot. Thank you in advance for any help…



I think I found what you’re looking for. This is the public code that is on my webpage as it’s served up by the hosting server.



My website hosting is at, and the piwik install is at they never seem to want to work together. The install went pretty well except for a few file size mismatches. The system check shows some file sizes are mismatched.

File integrity checks for:
’ File size mismatch: /hermes/walnaweb06a/b438/moo.broadviewtechcom/piwik/piwik/libs/bower_components/jquery.scrollTo/jquery.scrollTo.min.js (expected length: 2712, found: 2706)
File size mismatch: /hermes/walnaweb06a/b438/moo.broadviewtechcom/piwik/piwik/libs/pChart/class/pDraw.class.php (expected length: 327671, found: 321446)
File size mismatch: /hermes/walnaweb06a/b438/moo.broadviewtechcom/piwik/piwik/libs/pChart/GPLv3.txt (expected length: 35823, found: 35148)
File size mismatch: /hermes/walnaweb06a/b438/moo.broadviewtechcom/piwik/piwik/vendor/piwik/decompress/libs/PclZip/gnu-lgpl.txt (expected length: 26934, found: 26430)
File size mismatch: /hermes/walnaweb06a/b438/moo.broadviewtechcom/piwik/piwik/vendor/piwik/decompress/libs/PclZip/readme.txt (expected length: 22011, found: 21590) ’

I tried uploading in Binary mode with Filezilla, and I check file size there and it looks fine from within Filezilla… the size matches.

Anybody? Bumpitty bump bump?

Hi there,

To troubleshoot your Piwik Tracker, please see: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Piwik Analytics - Developer Docs - v3

There’s no config.ini.php