There is no suitable CSPRNG installed on your system


installed piwik on a vestacp installation. Worked fine for a few weeks, then i installed a plugin to hide site id. Now my piwik installation does not work anymore i get an error message on the frontpage saying

There is no suitable CSPRNG installed on your system

Can anybody help me i can’t get it to work again.

Hi there,
please report the problem in this plugin’s issue tracker directly (this is not an official plugin maintained by Piwik). Thanks,

How can i disable this module again ? I cant remember its name, i dont care about the module, i dont want to waste anymore time trying to browse the internet for a possibel solution to this “shitty” module or asking for support in the module support page (still i cant remember the plugin name, and i cannot login and see in my piwik) - I just want to disable it and get my piwik up and running like before

the module is not “shitty” but it has a little incompatibility. Such products are improved thanks to the feedback of users who experience issues. to delete the plugin, delete the folder from your piwik/plugins/XYZ (xuz being the plugin name)