There is no/bad form markup for tag? 0.4.1 Error

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First off, thank you for a great open source javascript web analytic platform. I’ve loved Piwik ever since I heard of it, and have been using it since early December back on 0.2.25

I’ve been using Piwik for a while to track a local website within my company, and try to keep piwik up to date as possible. I recently just did a push from 0.2.37 to 0.4.1 since I had been away on vacation, and now I am running into an error I cannot resolve (That and I have very little time to put towards it).

Every time I try to load the dash board now, or anything that has a flash graph, I continually get a pop-up stating “There is no/bad form markup for tag”. As soon as I hit OK, the page reloads and repeats indefinately. The only other notable change is the drop down arrow graphics double up every time this occurs. So, if I go through this 10 times, there will be 10 drop down arrows next to each of the navigation drop downs (Visitors / Actions / Referers).

The graphs that seem to be producing this at the moment (though I havent been able to fully check) are: “Last Visits Graph” and “Visits by Server Time”

This happens in IE6/IE7, which are my company’s standard. I have Firefox installed on my workstation since Im a web developer here, but they’ve locked that down to where I cant update it from 3.0.5 nor can I have flash installed for Firefox. Since there is no flash, the graphs that seem to be producing this error on the Dashboard are not loading, and as such no error.

I’ve tried cleaning out piwik and starting from a clean 0.4.1 as well. This has had no luck unfortunately. The only thing I kept standard between the old / clean install was the ‘config.ini.php’ file.

Technical Info:
Browser Error: Internet Explorer 6 and 7. (Id love to check Firefox, but our software is locked down at work, and I cannot install flash for the Firefox version I have. The error does not happen since flash isnt functioning in firefox).
OS: XP and Vista
Server: Apache and PHP 5.2 (using XAMPP)

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you!

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Remove the widgets from your dashboard and re-add them.

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Thank you for your reply,

Although it was fun trying to close the widget before the page loads (which takes quite a few attempts before being successful), turns out that I dont believe it was these two widgets I thought it was before.

I’ve always left the dashboard at the default layout (and normally just leave myself and anonymous login), and Ive noticed I have two widgets loading that are “Widgets Not Found” at the bottom of the columns. Im trying to get rid of them but they seem persistent at coming back since its the default layout. Before updating I think they were there, just never paid any attention to them and they had never done this before.

Is there any way to change the Default Dashboard layout to get rid of these widgets that no longer exist? I believe the problem lies there. (Hopefully)

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delete the rows in piwik_user_dashboard. Piwik will give you back the default layout using the updated widget names.

Then go into your Settings | Plugins screen and make sure you’ve disabled any 3rd party plugins which may be out of date.