There is a way to exclude visit from a specific returning visitor?


[li] I have a site administrator that cannot set the exclution cookie,
[/li][li] and every his visit is recorded in piwik as returning visitor,
[/li][li] i noticed in piwik db that the value of “idvisitor” field remain always the same in “piwik_log_visit” table
[/li][li] there is a way to exclude his visits from viewing in Piwik Report?
[/li][li] I was guessing add a “exclude this visitor from displayed” link ( based on the above mentioned “idvisitor” ) in the “Visitors in Real-time” widget or “View Visitor profile” window can be a great function!

Thank you for attention


You can exclude their IP address from being tracked:


Thank you Royce for your response, unfortunally that user is using a notebook computer travelling around the country. What I need is excluding one user of my choice from been tracked in piwik without his permission.