The sales RGPD on Matomo

For all the users who choose NO (do not track), if they make a purchase on our website, Matomo will count their purchase or not, if yes, in which channel Matomo will put them (direct or campaign or siteweb).

Thanks for your answer.

Hi @Thom
How do you track page view, cart update and purchase actions?

Thanks for your response. I’m the Traffic Manager and my developper who did the configuration for Matomo, so maybe I could not response your question.
May I share you more about my situation : we implement the cookies consent on our website. So for all the user who say No to our cookies, in my logic, Matomo will not count the purchase from them.
But when I compare the revenu between Matomo and our CMS, it’s similar, so I think that Matomo collected the purchase from all users no regarding that they said Yes or No to our cookies.
Could you please share me how can I check it ?

Hi @Thom
You can still track without cookie (and this is something Matomo does whereas Google doesn’t). But without cookie returning visitors count will be less accurate…