The number of pageviews shown in the Transisions popover

I wonder if anybody can help me find some explaination to a strange problem;

The number of pageviews shown in the page titles report doesn’t match the number of pageviews in the Transitions popover.
The page title reports says I have 56 pageviews but the Transision popover says I have 641 pageviews.
Also the Row evolution says I have 641 pageviews in total.

Any suggestions to why the difference can be so huge?
I have read the troubleshooting page: The numbers from Transitions don’t match other numbers shown in Piwik. Why? - Analytics Platform - Matomo
with a few explainations but I don’t see how they can explain my problem.

I’m very grateful for any kind of input as I’m at a loss here! Please, can you give me any hints??

Best regards,