The new Tracking Opt-Out variant with DIV/JS "auto toggles" checkbox just on page reload

Hey there,

we use the current version of Matomo on PHP 7.4 with the current version of WordPress.

According to we just tried to replace the old iFrame Opt-Out code with the new DIV/JS version.

Now we see the problem that the Opt-Out checkbox toggles from set to unset and back just by simply reloading the page. So we don’t click on the checkbox but just reload the page for example via F5 or by clicking on another page and then back to the page containing the Opt-Out. Every new page load makes the checkbox toggle set-unset-set-unset-set-…

What could cause this problem? We really would like to move to the new DIV/JS version of the Opt-Out.

So many thanks for your help and many greetings,