The field "transferred overall" states 0 M

Hi Support-Team,
when i open the Dashboard and look at the “visits overview” tab the last entry shows me always “0 M bytes transferred overall”. Any idea, why this value ist not calculated?

Thanks in advance
Domain Admin

Does nobody have the same issue whit this?

I’m sorry, I must be dense. Where do you find that? In my Piwik installation (2.16.5), if I add the Visits Overview widget, I don’t get that specific metric. The last item listed is “max actions in one visit”.

Also have the same problem
Piwik version 3.01
Centos 7.3
PHP 5.6.29

I have the same problem, “0 M bytes transferred overall”.

I guess you are talking about the Bandwidth plugin which isn’t installed by default.

To quote the FAQ:

How can I track the bandwidth?

Log analytics:

The bandwidth will be automatically tracked when using the log importer as long as
your log format is supported.

Tracking API:

If you are using the HTTP Tracking API
you can specify the bandwidth in bytes by appending the URL parameter bw_bytes=1234 to the tracking URL. In this case
a bandwidth of 1234 bytes will be tracked.

Is it possible to track bandwidth using the Piwik JavaScript Tracker?

Yes, you can set the bw_bytes value manually in JavaScript using _paq.push(['appendToTrackingUrl', 'bw_bytes=1234'); to track the bandwidth of your pages.

To sum it up: You either need to build something with sends piwik the filesizes via the bw_bytes parameter.

Or you use the log importer, but then the filesize needs to be in the log you are importing.

Or if you don’t want the report, simply disable the Bandwidth plugin.