The difference between auto-archiving reports by cron jobs or directly in the Piwik dashboard



I’m totally new to Piwik, and has one question about the auto-archiving of reports. I have read this tutorial:

And I can see, that I can trigger the auto-archiving by two things. By a cron job or directly in the Piwik dashboard, by saying when it has to archives, for example every 150 seconds. But what is the difference between these two?

By doing it in the Piwik dashboard is considerably easier to do, then making a cron job.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

the difference is that when you visit Piwik all reports will already be processed and so Piwik will be very fast. It’s highly recommended to setup the cron job for a fast and more enjoyable Piwik experience!