The Abilty To View "Settings Network Wide"


I’d think it would be great to be able to view stats network wide.
Let me explain this a bit, in the tab there are the
Overview, Visitor Log, Locations & Provider, Settings, Times, Engagement, Custom Variables links, it would be great to have a total view the from any site inserted in Piwik.

I myself am much interrested to know my mobile traffic, and couldnt find a way to view it all in once.

The second TOP link “All Websites” displays a max amount of 50 websites,
I wouldn’t mind to see a settings where this can be adjusted to less or more.
(I myself prefer a list from about 100 items/websites)

But if it could be set from within the admin, it would seat every ones needs I asume.

PS : Now it just look I’m just commenting, no that isn’t.
I’d think Piwik is a very nice piece of software. :stuck_out_tongue: