Taiwan description

I was horrified to see that your software displays The Republic of China (aka Taiwan) as “Taiwan, Province of China”. Taiwan is an independent and democratic nation. It is NOT a province of dictatorial, communist China. Until you remove “Province of China” I will not use your software nor will I contribute a donation. I will also not recommend Piwik to anyone. Indeed, I will warn others of the politically insensitivity of the Piwik organization.

If you want anyone to correct this insensitivity, you need to be more specific about where you see the offending text.

If you see the text in the “Visitor Location” widgets, don’t blame Piwik. Piwik uses a geolocation database created by MaxMind, and if that database contains incorrect information, you need to contact MaxMind to inform them of the error.

Hi there,

this was fixed in 2.13.1

I’m sorry to say the problem still exists. When you look at a list of visitors by country and then hover on the Taiwan flag, the offending verbage apears.