Tag manager, what and how

[This is my first thread, sorry if I put it in the wrong forum.]
I’m trying to grab the tag manager concept but I’m really lost. Now my questions are:

  1. is Matomo TMS the same as Google in the sense that I can create FAQs schema that will appear in the browser search results? If so, how do I create the questions/answers?
  2. once I create a container, how can I add the generated code to all my pages if I use Wordpress? Can I just add it to header.php, once?

I’d appreciate some clarification, thank you everybody.


Now I’m confused :slight_smile:

What does the Tag Manager have to do with FAQs and Browser Search results?

The point of the Tag Manager is to allow non-technical users to add Javascript to websites without modifying the websites source.

For this you once add the Tag Manager code into the source and then this loads whatever is set up in Matomo Tag Manager.

you can’t be more confused that myself :slight_smile:
Tutorials about the FAQs refer to that as tag manager, so it might be that Google calls them tags but it means something else. I’ll have to investigate more on that, but you confirm Matomo has nothing to do with it.
However, how TMS differs from putting codes/snippets if one knows where to put them? To me, “to tag” means “label something in order to find it easily”… not “add snippets of code”. So maybe even Matomo is using the wrong words for it.
Lost !