Tag manager isn't working after restart


my tag manager goes stuck during restart and gives error, when page is connecting.

this happen always when booting Matomo container and tag have to be republished after boot. Tested with several Matomo 3 and 4 versions. If system is scaled out and there are more than one matomo instance in use. I have to make republish for all instances after restart.

Using matomo docker image.

do you know how to fix this?


any help for this issue?

after restart tag url is giving not found error. When I publis older version and latest again it works normally, but this extra publising is needed after every matomo restart. Is tag manager writing something on to disk and restart is loosing this? I have found only cache files updated after tag publising. Those cache files are removed during, boot. Could that be raeson for issue? Cluster mode is on.

How to reproduce

Matomo returns tag code

  • Matomo restart


“# Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.”

  • Tag republising

mymatomo/js/container_XXXXXXXX.js (new user can add only 2 links, so this is same than before with https)
Matomo returns tag code