System checks OK but no heatmaps

Been searching for some time now and cannot seem to find a reason for not seeing heatmaps.
The system check shows everything is fine but nothing shows up.

#### Heatmap & Session Recording Tracking:
 ✔ '$MATOMO_URLplugins/HeatmapSessionRecording/configs.php' is accessible

Heatmap & Session Recording Tracking
'' is accessible

This for example has been sitting on my screen for nearly two hours.

There have been 3 samples recorded so far. However, no screenshot has been taken yet. If there is a "Screenshot URL" for this heatmap, it may take a while for the screenshot to become available as a user first needs to open this screenshot URL. Depending on the sample rate this may take a while.

What else should I look at to diagnose why this is not working?

As heatmap is a premium feature, don’t hesitate to contact directly the support:
shop at innocraft dot com
Then, don’t forget to share the solution here! :wink:

I have a 30 day trial so that is being wasted right now since it’s not working :(.
I will contact the above, thanks.

Going in circles. These are the support forums when folks can help each other. You tell me to go look for tihs other company and that leads me back to matomo.

I’ve emailed matomo support and hopping they can send me some info on whom I need to contact.

Hi @matmike ,

Sorry about the inconvenience. Your support request was sent to Sales queue, which is not the right channel to get support for Premium features, as it serves the different purpose and the people who work on the queue may not be able to help with your request.

Our Support team has sent a reply to your request, please work with them to get the issue sorted.