System check complaining Archiving is not running, even though it is

I’ve got an issue with the archiving. I have it disabled in the browser and have an hourly cron job that runs it. I record the output to a logfile, and I can verify it’s running every hour.

The problem is that the Matomo system check sometimes starts complaining that it hasn’t been run in some number of days/weeks/months under “Last Successful Archiving Completion”, even though it’s running every hour.

Also, even though I have “automatic updates of GeoIP databases” set to update once every month, from the core:archive log, it actually gets run every hour instead. Maybe the problem is related, I don’t know.

Any ideas? At one point, I downloaded and installed a fresh copy of matomo on my server just in case something had gone off with an old update or something, but it made no difference.

I think I partially solved this by running the core:archive as the web server user instead of root. It still seemed to be archiving before as root, but for whatever reason it wasn’t recognizing it or recording it properly I guess.

The problem with the GeoIP database remains, though, as it still gets downloaded every time core:archive runs, but the actual geoip database doesn’t get uncompressed and updated.


Does your webserver have write permission to the misc/ directory?

Yes, the webserver has write permission to the misc/ directory.

I manually extracted the .mmdb geo database to the misc directory myself, and then it stopped downloading it every hour. Maybe something got out of sync when the core:archive was running as root, not sure. I’ll see if the problem reoccurs next month when it’s due to download again.

Thanks for your reply.

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