Switch from MYSQL - Hit limit?

I wanted to know if its possible to make a switch from MySQL to Oracle DB and still use PIWIK. Also, could piwik handle 60 million hits a month on average?

60M not with current Piwik, or it will be quite intense Mysql database.

See: 301 Moved Permanently


Thanks for the link, we read about that before we started with PIWIK but have many resources to give it a try none-the-less. 60M hits per month will be for just one website. The other two major websites we will be watching have close to around 10,000 page views per day. Our SQL DB has often become corrupted, the visitor_log is the file I believe which keeps getting corrupted. I can respond tomorrow with the exact file. Per your last answer do you feel that a switch to Oracle DB would be a better way to ensure there will be no errors within PIWIK or is it even possible without making vast changes to PIWIK ourselves for it to run on a different database. If we can switch we can uses indexes and set rules which we believe will vastly improve the programs efficiency. Currently it is running on two servers with 4CPU’s and 8GB of ram - both are virtual machines. Just wanted to get your opinion. Thanks again for the help.

10k pages a day should be no problem at all. I know several users tracking up to 500k a day with success, see the other sticky post. Let me know how your tests go, please contact us at matt att piwik.org for help (or hello@piwik)

See our new page, which lists the various limits on historical data, number of websites, users, database size, when using Piwik: Data Limits Analytics