Support for Android and IOS devices


We are in the evaluation process for Piwik. While evaluating it for android and ios devices, we found only Github entry(no comprehensive documentation and assurance for future support) for SDK for using piwik on these devices. While contacting Piwik Pro team for future support for android and Ios devices, they forbade for any support as this is not developed by them.
So, my query is that, if we are going to use Piwik and needed some support on android and ios sdk for piwik, will we get any commercial support.

Hi @jksnu

we may be able to offer commercial support, at least for the Android SDK. For the iOS SDK it is not yet confirmed that we can offer commercial support. In the meantime, I invite you to try the SDK and maybe they will just work as you expect them (many users are using them). If you have any feedback or question or report, please create issues in the relevant issue trackers (iOS or Android github projects in piwik organisation)

The Piwik can not be supported for Android and iPhone at the same time ,
I tested it on my iPhone and it is works , but when i switch to Android , it doesn’t work for me .


are you talking about tracking iOS/Android applications or running the Piwik Mobile App on iOS/Android?