Suhosin error

Though Piwik is working good for me I´ve got this message in apache log error, several times, each minute.

Any help is appreciated in advance.

Antonio Andina

Warning: create_function() has been disabled for security reasons in /srv/www/ on line 131

Backtrace -->
#0 Piwik_ErrorHandler(2, create_function() has been disabled for security reasons, /srv/www/, 131, Array ([count] => 10,[sites] => Array ())) called at [(null):0]#1 create_function($site1, $site2, return strcasecmp($site1[“name”], $site2[“name”]):wink: called at [/srv/www/]#2 Piwik_View->render() called at [/srv/www/]#3 Piwik_Login_Controller->login() called at [/srv/www/]#4 Piwik_Login_Controller->index() called at [(null):0]#5 call_user_func_array(Array ([0] => Piwik_Login_Controller Object ([] => Login,[] => ,[] => ,[] => 0,[] => ),[1] => index), Array ()) called at [/srv/www/]#6 Piwik_FrontController->dispatch(Login, ) called at [/srv/www/]#7 Piwik_Controller->redirectToIndex(CoreHome, index) called at [/srv/www/]#8 Piwik_CoreHome_Controller->redirectToCoreHomeIndex() called at [(null):0]#9 call_user_func_array(Array ([0] => Piwik_CoreHome_Controller Object ([] => CoreHome,[] => ,[] => ,[] => 0,[] => ),[1] => redirectToCoreHomeIndex), Array ()) called at [/srv/www/]#10 Piwik_FrontController->dispatch() called at [/srv/www/]

Hi Antonio

Can you check the below url for solution

Try this steps, it will work .


Wow, thanks for your ultrafast answer but disable_functions field in php.ini is empty so i´m afraid this wolud envolve anything else.

I´ve look around google and i think is something related to suhosin, but maybe i´m wrong because i am a begginer with dedicated servers in linux.

Thanks again.

Thanks Elam, you gave me the clue

As i have Centos 5 in my dedicated server, i had to go to /etc/php.d/suhosin.ini and modify the field disabled_functions

Now its working again.

Antonio Andina

I’m guessing this was disabled post-install because Piwik’s installer checks suhosin.executor.func.blacklist – it would have given you a warning at that time if create_function was disabled.

I think maybe a recent Zend Optimizer would change this, because piwik it worked several weeks before appearing this error.