Sudden drop in visits

Hi there,

For some reason my stats dropped drasticaly after June the 16th… I usually have around 300-500 users each day and now below 100 according to Piwik. What happened?



Could you check your server error logs see if there is any error there?

Do you have another stats to compare to make sure visits did not actually go down?

This is an add on to Matts response. If you have any other metrics tool I recommend you pick a 24 hr period(day) do a complete pages report in piwik and then one in what ever other tool you have. This way you can determine in any pages are potentially not tagged for tracking one way or teh other?

Did you do any server template changes recently?

I would also check your referres around the drop time as that could show a site or a url that suddenly stopped linking to you.


I did change a template, but that was a few months ago. The visits only got higher after that actually. My whole site is basically only a index.php file which has the file included, so all pages have it.

I do see a lot of errors though on my CP:

[Wed Jun 27 18:09:03 2012] [warn] [client] Timeout waiting for output from CGI script /home/sites/, referer:

if you have only an index page where does this lead one to on your site? Is it a different folder than index.php?

Are you familiar with a CMS? In particular SMF.

No my shops CMS is a custom implementation of another vendor.

Based on the error i thought the resultant location pointed to was another (folder) or dynamically created page that was suddenly missing the code on it that was reporting earlier.