Subtable doesn't show up in my report

I have created a custom report that should have a subtable. When I try to open it, it says: There is no data for this report.

But if I look at the subtable of one of my rows using var_dump(), I get a normal DataTable object displayed:

object(Piwik\DataTable)#1323 (16) { ["rows":protected]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(Piwik_DataTable_Row)#1389 (5) { ["maxVisitsSummed"]=> int(0) ["metadata":"Piwik\DataTable\Row":private]=> array(0) { } ["isSubtableLoaded":"Piwik\DataTable\Row":private]=> bool(false) ["subtableId"]=> NULL ["storage":"ArrayObject":private]=> array(4) { ["label"]=> string(5) "Liste" ["Seen"]=> int(1) ["Clicked"]=> int(0) ["Click Rate"]=> string(2) "0%" } } } ["currentId":protected]=> int(32) ["depthLevel":protected]=> int(0) ["indexNotUpToDate":protected]=> bool(true) ["rebuildIndexContinuously":protected]=> bool(false) ["tableSortedBy":protected]=> bool(false) ["queuedFilters":protected]=> array(0) { } ["disabledFilters":protected]=> array(0) { } ["rowsCountBeforeLimitFilter":protected]=> int(0) ["enableRecursiveSort":protected]=> bool(false) ["enableRecursiveFilters":protected]=> bool(false) ["rowsIndexByLabel":protected]=> array(0) { } ["summaryRow":protected]=> NULL ["totalsRow":protected]=> NULL ["metadata":protected]=> array(0) { } ["maximumAllowedRows":protected]=> int(0) } 

I can also query the subtable via the URL ( /matomo/?module=API&method=Litfass.getLitfass&idSubtable=1&idSite=2&date=2020-01-29&period=day&format=JSON&token_auth= )
and get the following result:

[{"label":"Liste","Seen":1,"Clicked":0,"Click Rate":"0%"}]

Why does my report say that there is no data for the subtable?

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