Subdomain + path in "behaviour >> pages"?

I am managing a web site with a lot of subdomains. I really need the pages listed in “behaviour >> pages” to render the domain along with the path.

As far as I can tell from the documenation – correct me if I’m wrong – there’s no way to have paths domains displayed, is that correct?

Hi Michael,

I did a quick test using:

  _paq.push(['setCustomUrl', location.href.toLowerCase()]);

While I can see in the Matomo payload the full URL (which is what we expect to see on the url: parameter), the Behaviour >> Pages report is still showing the path without the domain. Unfortunately this is a “feature” in matomo that has very little logic and almost no flexibility.

The only way to overcome this is by using Custom Reports. If you are on a Cloud plan, it’s included in your subscription and if you’re on an on-premise version, then you can acquire this as a separate plugin. I would say it’s totally worth the price as you will be able to combine a lot more dimensions & metrics and include custom dimensions, which otherwise is not possible to do in Matomo’s ready-made reports.

Later edit: the code above will at least make sure that when you’re sending the URL values, they will always be normalised in case you have the same URL both with uppercase and lower-case letters.

Cheers, I hope this helps!

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@Mihai_Milea Thank you very much for your detailed evaluation and explanation. Handling subdomains is something that went without for me when I installed Matomo the first time.

Thanks for pointing me to “Custom Reports” I will give them a shot.

Again, you’ve helped me lot, thanks,


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