Styling and changing Opt-Out text


Hi there,

I want to show the Opt out iframe on a page which has dark background. Unfortunately, all my CSS classes do not affect the iframe because they depend on classes I use within my website (for example


Therefore, I see a black font on a dark grey background which makes reading impossible. Maybe you can insert some classes into the opt out iframe page:

This would make it possible to style the page with CSS.

Additionally, I suggest to make it possible to insert own text, for example for informal speech or for another tone.

(vipsoft) #2

This is planned and has already been suggested. (Please search the forum to avoid duplication.)

In the meantime, you’re welcome to change the template to suit your requirements.


Thank you for answering. I found the corresponding topics.

Btw, a forum search for “optout”, “opt out” and “opt-put” did not return any results?! Weird.