Stylesheet blocked

At Work the Stylesheet ist blocked.

"Details: This page (or part of it) has been blocked because it attempts to exploit an application level vulnerability.
Transaction ID is 50483F3FC0B07A0E43A7. "

Version 1.8.3

What to do now? The Page looks awful^^

You mention at your work its blocked have you tried from your homecomputer? It could be your companies firewall that is causing this to occur. What brwser and OS version? Maybe make it a recognized/secure site in your companies browser.

Good luck

That’s not good, what firewall is your company using ?

can you please let the company building the firewall to whitelist as it is a safe domain that does not do any tracking!


@home all works perfect.

in my company i just wanted to use piwik for private issues, so it isn’t a big catastrophe =)

may somebody attach the stylesheet file here, so i can use it with the firefox-addon stylisch?

Actually maybe you are using Adblock plus ? They blocked piwik by mistake.

but it will be fixed in the next update of the list, wait a few days…

Hello, can this issue be pursued please. It works great for me at home, but I also have a external webhost where it has the same non css look at you got at work emil.

It is a big deal to me because I have control of the OS and firewall, so it would good to know what I need to change to fix this. On the home system I have no specific rules open for it to work, I have the same lampp configs in both environments

I have adblock on the browser but it works fine at home, so if was down to some adblock setting surely it would not work at home, as its all going through the browser.

  • Nothing jumps out in the log files.
  • Done a reinstall many times.

Its not related to any of this btw, I’m using the same browser to access local and remove piwik installs, even with any of this turned on it works locally, plus I temporarily accept to run javascript where I need to.

Browser addons blocking the Piwik Tracking Javascript (NoScript, DoNotTrack, etc.)
If you use browsers addons such as Adblock, Adblock plus, NoScript, Ghostery or others, the Piwik Javascript code is not executed in your browser. Try to use a different browser that does not have these extensions, or disable these browser extensions and try again. Piwik by default supports DoNotTrack, please check you haven’t enabled DoNotTrack in your browser options.

Update: Yes, i’m using Adblock plus.

Ok, now it works, maybe its deleted from the blacklist ?? i have no idea… can be cloused. :slight_smile:

Yes deleted from blacklist, I contacted them, thanks