Struggling to make my first Matomo Custom URL work, need help

Matomo works generally fine for our website but I am struggling with setting up my first custom URL.

I have followed instructions here:

A live poc of my first custom URL is available here in production:

If you look at the HTML source code of the live page, you can see this:

_paq.push(['setCustomUrl', location.origin + '/matomo-custom-urls-actually-do-work.html']);

In a javascript console you can check that location.origin + '/matomo-custom-urls-actually-do-work.html' evaluates to '' so in theory this should work right?

But even after several hours, when I go to our Matomo backoffice and check the list of pages, I cannot see the expected /matomo-custom-urls-actually-do-work.html anywhere.

Any idea what I could try next to troobleshoot what I am doing wrong here? :pray:

Your tracking seems OK:

We can see the custom URL:
What do you see in the visits log?

Be careful, for most of the reports (eg. list of viewed pages), the data need time to be available because Matomo must archive (aggregate) them (depending on your configuration).

Thanks for your answer. I am not sure we even have access to the visits log, here is what I see in the backoffice:

(As a new user I was forbidden from adding more than one screenshot here).

We are using a shared Matomo instance ( which we only have a limited access to, no admin right. This might or might not be a part of the problem. Anything else I can try?

In the medium term we may consider hosting our own Matomo instance, do you think this would help with setting up custom URL?

Latest data usually refreshes within an hour, I have waited for much more than that already so I don’t think it is an issue about data refresh delay.

I stand corrected, it now works! Apparently it just took much more than the usual hour to refresh. This is awesome! Thanks for your help @heurteph-ei and have a lovely day.