Struggles Uploading Piwik to an Azure Server


I want to start off by saying how great I think Piwik is!

I recently tried to upload Piwik to the Azure platform as a web service with a MySQL database to support it. Initially it looked promising as there was a one click app to install piwik as a web service to azure through bitnami or

Unfortunately these only installed piwik version 2.1.6.

Moving onto the issue I am having and that I really hope the people of the Piwik forum can help with. It’s an issue which I’ve seen around the forums in the past but cannot seem to find the answer to solve my issue. The first thing to mention is I’m working on windows!

The issue is I upload piwik via FTP to my wwwroot folder. All is well for the first few steps and folders and files populate the tmp folder within the wwwroot as Piwik is setting up. However once I reach stage 4 of the install progess all of a sudden Piwik complains saying that I am logged in as user ‘iis apppool/[domain]’ can’t access D;/home/site/wwwroot/tmp/temporary_c please run the command chmod or using your ftp client change the folder write permissions to 777 or 755. other times a one line error saying D:/home/site/wwwroot/assets is not writable.

The folders are there and I’ve ran every command I can think of for 2 days at work and I’ve set all the write permissions to full control. When checking the UAC controls the user which piwik’s error message claimed I’m logged on as doesn’t even appear, does anyone know why?
I’ve included below a snapshot because if anyone can help me with this I’d be very grateful!

This is the piwik interface saying that the folders are writable. This is also shown in the Kudo application settings which comes with Microsoft azure

I have gone through the process 5 or more times. Installing the newest version on Piwik with a new web service and doing everything I can think of. Even to the point of deleting the tmp file and then create my own tmp file and all the subdirectories. Doing this has allowed me to set the permissions before starting piwik and therefore I have reached the point where I am at which means it loads fine until it attempts to reach the Super User part of the installation.

Has anyone got any advice on what I should try I can’t be the only person who’s ran into this problem!