Strange Error 500


Hi Everybody,

I have a strange Server Error 500 problem…

My piwik-install has been running for several years now. The issue may be related to a php-update, but I don’t think so… (will explain later).

The strange thing is: I can login in the admin-backend without a problem. On the refresh, however, I get a Server Error 500. That /is/ of course possible. However: If I change the URL to not read: …&date=today to something like: …&date=1-1-2011 then I get /some/ result. This result-page is very crippled, (no css, no js) but it shows that piwik is running - for a bit, anyway :slight_smile:
If I look in firebug-logs to see where the CSS went, I can see a call to &proxy= etc, that, maybe a bit predictable, shows a Server Error 500 as return-value…

I can with .htaccess modify which version of php I’m running, so… I don’t think that is the problem, but please, correct me if I am wrong. I tried with 5.3.4 and 5.2.16.

The database is running (I even get a visitor count on the cripled page…???) so there is no problem there… But where to look to fix this… I have no clue… :frowning:



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Check your webserver error logs, which should contain the information about the error.


Hi Matt,

thanks for you kind reply. I did check the errorlogs. All I can find there is a reference to the fact that it cannot find a file 500.shmtml… not much help, I’m afraid?



(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Please ask your webhost, there is some kind of limitations on the server probably?

(vipsoft) #5

If you’re not getting .css (and probably .js as well), then this 301 Moved Permanently should help with the unstyled pages, but may not help other resource limitations on your server.