Strange behavior or error

(thomas adkins) #1

I have been using Piwik for years, upgrading periodically. Months ago, I upgraded to Matomo without any problem, and everything has been operating normally. Two days ago, I starting getting a different display (no graphics) with usual messages:
“In case you are using an ad blocker, please disable it for this site to make sure Matomo works without any issues.” (Ad blocker disabled, but never any problem before, and nothing changed in configuration.) …
(Several links to Dashboard, ‘All Websites,’ Admnistration, etc., but none work properly.)
Then: “## Are you sure you want to delete this segment?” (I haven’t changed anything?) …
Then: “## You’re about to change the segment definition.” (Again, I have changed nothing.)
Any help or suggestions welcome.
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(Lukas Winkler) #2


This sounds like a browser-side issue.

Can you open your browsers developer tools and check if there are any error in the console or failed requests in the network tab?

Maybe also try another browser or another computer.

(thomas adkins) #3

Thank you. I use Chrome. Everything works fine in Opera! :slight_smile: