Stopped getting any record - An error occured on all sites!

Hostgator has made some changes with their servers the past weekend, thay did an upgreade.

Since then I have no records for traffic to my sites, and I get this error when I look at Piwik inside my sites:
“An error occured: Please check URL and auth token. You need at least view access to one site”

I haven’t done any change at all, what sould I do?


Sorry I don’t know, can you email hostgator? Maybe they have enabled Mod_security which isnt compatible with piwik ?

I have contat HostGator, They don’t know sh*t about annything unless you tell them what is your specific problem and what you think they should do to solve it!

Can you suggest me what to tell them? what to check?
How can I aproach this issue?


Delete your cookies, try different browser ?