Stop piwik from tracking a part of a URL

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get Piwik to stop tracking a variable that changes alot in a site I’m tracking. I’ve looked here but I’m not 100% sure that will work.

Basically I’ve got URL’s that look something like this: search.php/rRKG4n_2/FNqOU6lO/Z1dUKSC7/C865QLxs/oYAGDPRQ/psNcSBsF/kvDVvVeh/BdbiOPLU/CfMkzY2W/jfJXPbRA/8_3D/b29/ which are way to long and change with each page view. Is there a way I can not track everything after search.php?

Thanks for any help!

Piwik will exclude parameter, from URLs that look “normal” ie

so, what you can do is in Javascript call:


On this page. This way, the URL tracked will be search.php