Stats not being generated


I have the following code in our sites footer:

However it is not showing as this when you view our site - . It is showing like this:

I guess this is the reason our stats are not working for this site?

What can I do to get the stats to work? I have tried it in the header but just the same. Sorry about the smilies it seems the code creates them and don’t know how to stop this from happening.



I have tried adding {literal} and {/literal} as suggested in this post (301 Moved Permanently) but although the code now shows correctly it is still not recording any visitor stats.

Andy ideas?


If anyone can help with this it would be mush appreciated as don’t want to use Google which does show FYI.



I think to have the same problem…

(sorry for my bad english but I am Italian)

Anyone from Piwik that can assist with this?

see your “javascript console” for any error? see the FAQ.

I am not seeing any errors. Is there anything you can do to help get this working please?

Is there anyone ehre that has any idea how to fix this or can help?

I really want to avoid having to go back to Google Analytics.

My chat log with HostGator re: the same, no-data, problem:

(9:11:06pm)Jonatan B.:I am seeing that there is a security rule being hit by the software I can clear this out for you if you wish me to.
(9:11:27pm)Phillip Crum:Explain it to me in English, please. Slowly.
(9:12:02pm)Jonatan B.:Its no problem
(9:12:26pm)Jonatan B.:It seems that the software Piwik is trying to do something that is consider unsafe, by default, but we all know its not so we can clear out this warning
(9:12:36pm)Jonatan B.:Kind of like a false positive on your Antivirus.
(9:12:55pm)Phillip Crum:Why all of a sudden? New setting last nite?
(9:13:59pm)Jonatan B.:No, they can be hit by any number of reasons and then they get blocked until cleared.
(9:14:26pm)Phillip Crum:Funny that many others are having the same problem simultaneously??
(9:14:41pm)Phillip Crum:How do I keep this from happening again?
(9:17:15pm)Jonatan B.:All we have to do is whitelisted and that will take care of it.

Can’t be this as works on all our other sites just won’t work on this one. Thanks for the input.

Can’t get any help from Piwik ppl here so guess will have to cease using Piwik and go back to Google. Shame as Piwik is a great product but lousy support. Its all about support at the end of the day.

Yea me too… Been using for weeks no problems… Just beautiful and now nothing…


Called Host gator they took care of it… Whitelisted the hole…

Thanks Altstatten for the heads up…