Stats messed up

Posted this problem in German Forum yet but no solution until now

I´m experiencieng the problem that my stats seem to be messed up since movement of my piwik installation (about 50 sites managed)from one server to another.

It´s not so easy to describe - it appears that, looking at the stats of “site a”, some hits from obviously the same user on “site b”, “site c” were displayed

Now I suppose that this problem could be initiated by me as I deleted some of the sites that I sold in the meantime but I did not realise that at the moment of deleting the sites the piwik ran still on the database of the old server (long lasting dns update and mistake of myself). Now there are “blank” site-id´s (f.e. site-id 45,46,47,48,51)

May this be the possible cause of this error?

And if yes - what would be the best way to handle the problem ?

Re-Entering the lost/deleted sites directly in the database tables? Or is there another way to solve that issue?

Does the problem for the sites that are now deleted ? or for the ones with the largest website ID value ?

Can you post a screenshot showing the problem ?

this issue appears on all sites…even sites with the lowest id´s are targetted

screenshot is a quite bit of a problem cause url´s are only to bee seenif I move over with the mouse - or am I wrong?

If it helps I could setup a supporters account and you may have alook for yourself

Can you please post a screenshot showing visitor bug for your message "It´s not so easy to describe - it appears that, looking at the stats of “site a”, some hits from obviously the same user on “site b”, “site c” were displayed "


sent you screenshot as pm

hope you may have some idea for me

still no solution found…
even if I purged now old db-entries (older than 110 days) I get some visits showed from 04. June 2012 (today - yesterday the same visits have been shown as from 03. june 2012)

So all wrong displayed visits are exactly 4 months in the past.

Maybe someone can tell me where this data is pulled from (from which database table) as it seems there are old entries which have been deleted yet but still are there…

Sorry, we could help you with professional services, but it sounds like a special case, look into the piwik_log_* tables to try and understand ?

ok - and what will happen if i empty those tables completely?

will deleting single entries cause some inconsistance of the database or tables?

Ok - it seems as if I found out some problem…

There are some duplicated entries within the table piwik_log_visit - some entries have the same “idvisit” even if they are different in row “idvisitor”…Maybe this was caused during server-movement and late switching from one database to the other…

I used the deletion tool in the backend to delete older entries than 100 days but it seems as if the affected entries have not been deleted by the tool.

What will happen if I delete all entries from the log_link_visit_action table that are before july? which dashboard widget will be affected and which data will be lost?

To delete entries older than 100 days, make sure you delete Logs AND archived reports in the database tool.