Statistics fluctuation when comparing to Google Analytics

Hi Guys,

congrats on this software.

I have installed Piwik together with Google Analytics for some time in order to have Piwik fill up while I still retain Analytics data from Google for long term purposes.

When comparing unique visitors though I do have differences in the 40% scale on Piwik. Meaning Piwik records 40% LESS visitors than its Google Counterpart.

Piwik is installed as Google with its JS code.

Also visitors origination is much different. I haven’t compared all metrics yet, but only these 2 mentioned (unique visitors count and origination) makes the software … i don’t want to be rude… not usable.

Does anybody have suggestions or the same experience?

Kind Regards,

A. Maier


piwik is not usable because it says you have less visits than google analytics? My guess would be that google analytics is not usable because it flatters you…

Maybee it comes from the plug-ins, like DoNotTrack (Ignore visits with X-Do-Not-Track or DNT header)? From the privacy settings? Maybee you exclude traffic from an IP or a range of IP addresses? From the Global list of Query URL parameters to exclude?

You should read this faq entry too : New to Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo


OK… I had a third tracker running today … and sorry to say must confirm my first post. Google Analytics and a custom tracker which works on a strictr IP bases and a simple filter have the same numbers. Piwik differs by -40% …
Going to try with another online service until I come up with “reasonable” numbers… :slight_smile:

@tcrxt -> Google is the last service that will show you higher numbers than you actually have. All their PR system is linked to these basic numerical games called Analytics…

Will get back to you… and of course will debug the code and put some trackers in to see where the visitors get “lost” …

still… someone may “easy” my life by telling me from where the Geo Data originates?



see: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo