Stat aggregation for multiple sites

I have seen this question scattered over a few different topics, with people wanting to aggregate stats about all their sites, all of their pages, etc.

the accpeted solution seems to be simply to add another site, add all the URLs and track those individually. That works, but it’s a little messy and for someone who is adding several hundred sites and deleting them programmatically, it is a huge hassle.

How about a feature that allows you to group sites together, so that stats of a “group” are shown as a single site.

I was looking through a ticket to create what ultimately turned into the core MultiSites module (Dashboard for multiple sites (potentially hundreds of websites) · Issue #389 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub), and noticed that the picture posted there ( had what appears to be a grouped site called “Virtual Drums”.

Did this feature ever get implemented? I couldn’t see any grouping functionality in piwik, but then I am very new to all this so I do appologise if I’ve just missed it.

If this module does not exist, I would appreciate it if someone could tell me where piwik makes its mysql calls (ie. how it pulls up its site stats), that would get me started on creating my own plugin…

A similar request was made here: 301 Moved Permanently

Matt proposed the solution of simply tracking each site twice, once for the individual site and once for all sites together. While this probably works, it creates overhead, and doesn’t allow for on-the-fly aggregation of existing data. The data is there, we just need a feature that can do this. I will try to familiarize myself with piwik but I doubt I will be able to come up with an elegant solution (I’ll make an adhoc plugin to share, but it won’t be pretty), so I would like to request that the piwik guys look into this and consider making grouping of sites a plugin.

Cheers and thanks for piwik!

P.S. I just saw this ticket Show Websites by Group in 'All websites' dashboard · Issue #2174 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub so I guess this feature is already on the map.