SQLSTATE[42S22] Column not found: 1045 Unknown column 'log_link_visit_action.custom_var_v5'

Hello, I get a SQLSTATE[42S22] Column not found: 1045 Unknown column ‘log_link_visit_action.custom_var_v5’ error on a fresh Piwik installation.

I deleted an ancient piwik installation on the server, installed the latest version (as of yesterday) and chose to delete all old tables on install of the new version. At first the system ran fine, even though it obviously had no stats in the minute after the install. Now after like 2h, I suddenly get this database related error on nearly every Piwik page:

SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘log_link_visit_action.custom_var_v5’ in ‘field list’

The config is the default config with a 1 byte anonymisation.

Any idea on how I could try to fix it?

Please try following if possible

  1. reinstall latest beta version: Index of /
  2. you can try to re-use tables, if it still does not work… then re-install latest beta by using a new database

then it should work. if not, let me know, we’ll find the solution!

Thanks, using the latest beta and a fresh database fixed the issue for me.