SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'database_name.piwik_wpoption' doesn't exist



We changed our Webhosting packet this month, where we reduced the storage space from 250 GB to 100 GB as we realized that we do not use more that 70 GB storage. Now we can not access the piwik page anymore. I have attached the screenshot of the error.

I read the FAQ here: After the update, I get sql errors, I would like to try the update again. How do I force Piwik to re-upgrade the database from a past version? - Analytics Platform - Matomo and tried to run the upgrade in myPHPadmin but this error message appeared:
#1146 - Table ‘database_name.piwik_option’ doesn’t exist

Is there any other way to update the piwik or atleast save the data?

Thanks for any help/reply.

(Matthieu Napoli) #2

In myPHPadmin what tables do you see?


There were no tables at all. It was empty but fortunately our web provider had a database backup. So it is all good now :slight_smile: