SQLSTATE[42000] - error in inserting

Hello everybody
I hope somebody can help me so that I can continue to use this very useful piece ot artwork!

Right now I am using piwik on 4 on my websites and one of them has a lot of visits (around 4000 /day).
Problem is that, after 2 months collecting data, the database has grown rapidly and no exced 150MB (my provider limit is 100MB) and now I can not insert any more data on the database and I got this error
"SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1142 INSERT command denied to user ‘dbo2680xxx’@‘212.xx.xx.135’ for table ‘pwk_option’

I found nothing on the post on th forum so I post this request

Question is : is it possible to compress the data ? or to purge some period ? or
is it possible to remove a complete website from the database ? or should remove all my data ?

thanks in advance for all help



Reading this FAQ doesn’t help me a bit… What should I do concretely to resole this problem?

INSERT command denied to user

ask your webhost to grant your mysql user INSERT permission