SQL Queries on Core Update


last friday i made an update on core 1.5 of our database. On this, i lost a query after copy and paste to my notepad++. So after this, our database was inconsistent. So i’ve lost three days of data because a weekend intervened (of course that’s my own fault). Now my suggestion: Is it possible for future releases to highlight the code on update core or create a sql-file for download? Or maybe check after upgrades the correctness of the database?

Thanks & best regards

AFAIK Piwik shows the queries which need to be run. Why aren’t you doing the piwik upgrade on cli without any need to manually run the queries?

Our database is too large for an update on the browser, so we decide to start the queries manually. I think thats also the advice from piwik itself. The problem for this was that two field in den log_visit were missing, but there were no error in the fron end. Also there was no new entry. For this reason, i made my suggestion.

The recommendation is to run the cli upgrade scripts for what the full command line is shown in the browser. I’m also running a large database where this works great. I think really checking the full database for validity is quite hard to do as some plugins are adding custom fields and alike.
But I can’t speak for the piwik developers obviously, so your suggestion stands :).

we don’t use .sql files because of the user-defined table prefix. but you can find the sql in core/Updates/*.php

there’s been an uptick in db-related support requests, so this will drive something…