Source page for outlink?

Is there a way to see the pages on where an outlink was clicked?

I have the same outlink on multiple pages and would like a report that shows which pages has the most clicks on this outlink, but Matomo seems to only have outlinks under Transitions on indivudual pages and as a aggregated list under behaviour–>outlinks.


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Try maybe to register the current pageview (URL or title) in an action custom dimension, then you’ll be able to cross the outlink with this new custom dimension (via the Custom Report premium bundle)

Ok, thanks! I would ideally also want to access historical data, but I guess that’s not possible?

What do you mean exactly?

If I create a new custom dimension I will be able to see the data from that point and forward, but I would ideally want to be able to see a report on outlink clicks for a past period (july 2022 for example).

Sorry, no, it won’t be possible, as only new trackings will save the new dimension…
How many pages do you have?

It’s around 20 pages, so I can still check it manually through transitions. But it would be good to have a way to do it in bulk if there is a similar situation with even more pages in the future.

In order to have the new feature (Source page for outlinks, that I think can be important for many other users), you can create a feature request at: