Sort my data according to datetime in the view



First, sorry for my weak English…
I’m using the ExampleUI to create my own plugins. I want to display some data during datetime but they are always sorted according to the data I display.

Here how my data is structured in the API :

foreach (Db::fetchAll($sql) as $result) {
            $dataToDisplay[$result['timeAndDate']][$result['idServer']] = $result['X']/($result['Y']+$result['Z']);

And here is displayed in the controller :

$view = $this->getLastUnitGraphAcrossPlugins($this->pluginName, __FUNCTION__, $columns,
            $selectableColumns = array('idServer1', 'idServer2'), 'My documentation', 'IHS.getDataToDisplay');
        $view->requestConfig->filter_sort_column = 'label';
        $view->requestConfig->filter_sort_order  = 'asc';
return $this->renderView($view);

I think the problem come from filter_sort_column but I don’t know what to put there, because the datetime is in the root of the multidimentional array…

Deleting filter_sort_column and filter_sort_order didn’t solve the problem.

Can someone help me ?