Some websites referers not being tracked



I have several websites setup on my server in piwik. Some of them work perfectly and some of them do not show the referring traffic at all. I have hostgator as my provider, but because other ones are working I am thinking the mod_Security is not causing an issue.

It is saying direct traffic, 0 actions, no search Engine information. The code is in an include file and is right before the footer with no divs or other separations. i have tried to move it direct on pages to same result.

Using Piwik 1.6 with updated tracking code…

Any suggestions much appreacated

I have gone through FAQ several times and tried all i can think of with no success…

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See FAQ FAQ No referrer data in piwik


Sorry i have done and checked all of that many times. I thought I put that in my post. Seems i missed that…

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IIRC Hostgator’s mod_security whitelisting is per domain.


So do i have to disable the security on the main domain ( the one hosting Piwik) or on all of my clients domains?

I have not done any of the whielisting and some of the sites work.

Thanks for the help


Contacted hostgator and it works perfectly